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Manual rotation of the hot pressing machine

This product is suitable for T-shirts, pillows, mobile phone cases, glasses and other flat-type hot transfer items.

Model OP-T38 OP-T62
Working area(cm) 38X38 38X62
Voltage(V) 220 220
Power(kW) 2.5 3.2
Temperature(℃) 0-250 0-250
Delaying time(S) 1-60 1-60
Packing Size(cm) 77X51X54 77X76X54
Weight(kg) 56 75




1.Coarse pressure adjustment spiral
Adjustable pressure, more range ambassador pressure more stable

2.Strong pressure handle
Pressure handle attached sponge, do not hurt hand

3.Smart temperature control box
Easier parameter setting, more stable temperature control and stronger performance

4.Bold pressure spring
The thick pressure spring does not lose its elasticity even if it lasts 5 or 10 years


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